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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Here are the next 2 prints from my Chiang Mai Series.

Th first print, an "Alley Scene" is described in the following excerpt from an interview i recently participated in.

"I’m currently working on the series of linocuts I created while I was in Chiang Mai in January. And the one piece I’m cutting out right now was drawn the afternoon after I had sliced 2 of my fingers open quite badly the night before. I had limited time to draw on my own during my service and was looking forward to spending as many days on my own as possible wandering through the city “recording”. I was pretty disappointed when I woke up the following morning as I could barely bend my figures, each time opening the wounds and having blood pour out. But, I bandaged the hell out of these 2 fingers, grabbed my art supplies, a bottle of water and my backpack and headed out anyway. I’ve worked under far worse circumstances. It was another beautifully clear and already warm early afternoon and I found myself wandering through the back streets of old Chiang Mai. I passed an open-air garage where a young man was creating what I assumed was religious iconography by hand-stamping various sizes of tools into a sheet of metal. I passed someone’s yard whose fence was covered in a somewhat unkempt fragrant flowered vine that smelled beautifully. And then I spotted something I wanted to draw. I found a great vantage point next to a fence and in the shade. Standing here, you could smell the scent of incense wafting around in the air, with so many temples in the old city, it’s not an uncommon smell. Every once in a while a motorbike would whiz by or a kid dressed in their school uniform would pass. Occasionally they would pass close enough to take a peak at what I was drawing.

Just remembering all of these little details brings a smile to my face."

This second print is from a drawing at one of the local temples in the old city. Unfortunately, I did not make note on the back of it as to which temple I was at. If I can find some online reference, I'll be sure to add it here.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Fantastic

Gardeningbren said...

David..hopped over to your blog from Hudson Seeds...beautiful artwork on the Munchen Cukes. Haven't done a lino cut since printmaking 101...looking at yours, sure puts a whole new perspective on that art. Terrific!

David Berube BerubeArt said...

Hey, Thank you very much.
Printmaking was something I taught myself to do. Believe it or not, my degree from design school did not include any formal education in printmaking. I'm a big fan of testing my abilities and giving myself a challenge when it comes to Artwork. Linocuts was one of those challenges I took up whole-heartedly.

Gardeningbren said...

David...didn't realize you had left a reply comment, until you followed my blog tonight. Your artwork is wonderful.

Thank you for your kind remark re the Witch Hazel. The variety "Diane" is quite something and still in bloom!

No printmaking in design school?...possibly one of the most enthusiastic courses I took when I went back to art college.