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Sunday, February 17, 2008


I've been having a hard core feeling of the need to do some traveling this summer and decided to look at images from my trip in 2006 to Thailand and China. The linocuts and photo's here are all from Thailand, as that part of the trip was more "nature" related and holds a special place in my data bank, heart and soul. China was more about large cities and millions of people, their history and culture and although incredibly stimulating visually and mentally, I'll save those images/pics for another time.

At some point the linocuts here will have color added to them as back and white just doesn't do it justice.


Anonymous said...

Very nice...Let's go!


Gwen Buchanan said...

Would you paint it or would you do a 2nd linocut?

David Berube BerubeArt said...

2 options to try. I'm thinking that the images would look nice with watercolor/ink washes almost along the lines of traditional hand-colored japanese woodcuts. The other option is to do the prints in the chine-cole technique which is the added color paper technique I used in the Florida plant prints a few posts prior.

Painting could be a nice option, but I'm so out of practice with oils it would end up being a complete mess. I do however take watercolors on my trips and do quick sketches on postcards and in my travel journal. Those only look good after I've been gone for at least a week and I've begun to chill a bit otherwise I may as well just take photos of what I'm looking at because I get too obsessed with details.

Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

Very very nice!! I did Linocuts a long long time ago. I always enjoying seeing so many styles of work and, also, travel pix as this and the stories behind everything. Just beautiful!! Art is such a field of total exploration that one can only expose oneself to all these different ideas and media to truly get the big picture... Great blog!!

David Berube BerubeArt said...

Thanks Bob-

Once I figured out that I could travel and bring art supplies aside from a sketch book my journeys were never the same again. In addition to sending out postcards with drawings on them from on-site, I've also filled a few small sketchbooks with visions of my travels, and then there's the 100's of photos from each trip, and, and, and...

I also tend to be the type of person that gets bored easily and enjoys challenges. Switching it up and trying new mediums helps keep my "eye" fresh.