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Monday, April 28, 2008


Sorry for the long overdue post. I've been working out of the studio every day for the month and it's sucking my creative energy dry. I did have a request for a tattoo that I've somehow managed to pull together, working off of an old print I made a few years ago, I switched a few details and started to add color. It's not quite finished, but at the rate I'm going I figured I would go ahead and post what I have.

I have another freelance prototype job I completed last week that I should be able to upload later today.


the ice chewer said...

cool tatoo. Who is the lucky recipient?

David Berube BerubeArt said...

This is yet another for Franklin. He will now have more tattoos than me and he just started last year, doesn't quite seem fair. The real problem is that i've been "working" on about 5 different ideas and I tend to over-think them and then eventually relegate them to the pile until i rediscover them again, and then the process starts over again. Wash, rinse, repeat.