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Sunday, April 1, 2012

"GEORGE" - The Process

Because I do not have the ability to do one thing at a time, I was taking pics of my progress last night on this portrait of my friend George Berberian and texting them to him as I was working on the piece. 

Part of the conversation that ensued is contained below. It will give you a little insight into what the brain of a Virgo Artist is doing when he's walking along the street, or sitting on the subway, visiting a foreign land or hanging out with one of his favorite people. I have been blessed in so many ways with having the ability to relay what I see visually, but I've also been condemned with the ability to never take things for their surface appearances. In my minds eye, there isn't just a blue sky, a pretty orange flower, or a beautiful set of eyebrows.


George: Far be it for me to criticise the artist...
              tho I do think my eyebrows are too thick...
George: You're doing it so quickly, and with paint... impressive
David: Lol. I told you I wasn't done fool!!!.
            Besides, what do you think a Virgo Artist sees first, second, third and fourth when he looks at          you?
George: Uhhh... different shades of color?
               Is that a rhetorical question...
David: And I had already adjusted the eyebrows before you texted.
            I'm challenging myself by using one size brush.
David: Not for me it isn't (in reply to george asking if my question was rhetorical)
            My job in life is to observe.
            And appreciate.


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