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Sunday, November 4, 2007


On the way out this afternoon for brunch, I turned to Frank as we were half way up the block and said, *#!% !!!, I forgeot to grab my camera before leaving the apartment. Not willing to go back and get it, we forged on with the outing cameraless. So as we reach the Viceroy on 8th ave. in Chelsea, Frank turns to me and says, "Look who's coming towards us." Figuring it was a friend of ours, I was checking out everyone on the sidewalk facing us and I couldn't make out any familiar faces. He was almost in front of me when I realised it was Tim Gunn from Project Runway. I said, "Hey Tim" and Frank shook his hand, we walked into the restaurant, Tim went on his way down 8th avenue through the heart of Chelsea, (go figure).

So now Frank and I are sitting at the very back of the restaurant, the table of 3 right next to us gets up and leaves, we receive our food. I'm facing the back of the restaurant, looking at a bunch of mirrors which provide a great view of what's going on in the rest of the place. I see a group of 5 coming towards the table next us, they have 2 children, I'm thinking, great, more noise. I casually look over to check them out and go back to eating my food. It didn't even phase me that the older guy with silver-grey hair wearing dark sunglasses and sitting at the end of their table facing me from the side is familiar looking. Frank turns to me and says, "Do you see who that is?" I look again and sure enough it's Harrison Ford. Crazy, right. Sitting there having brunch with a family in a restaurant in the heart of Chelsea.

FYI, don't ask him for an autograph when he's dining. Frank went up to him, said, "Hello", shook his hand and asked for his autograph. He replied, something to the affect that if he signed the one, he would have to do it for everyone else. Trust me, no-one else there really cared who he was.

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