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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Some years it's more of a battle than others regarding when I decide if I'm going to make a holiday card or not. Some years it's an easy decision, I have plenty of ideas, I'm inspired and I make time to come up with a pretty sophisticated image, get it done, get it in the mail before December 25 and all is well in the world. Other years, like this year, the desire is there, but the heart isn't always there. Without going into details, it's been a trying fall/winter so far and that has definitely affected my frame of mind regarding exactly what, and if so, when I would create a holiday card. Finally 2 nights ago, I decided to take the plunge and commit myself to getting a card out there.

The best thing about my present frame of mind is that when I feel like this, I find it's more rewarding to just grab a piece of linoleum, start drawing directly on to it, make a few minor revisions, cut it out and start printing it without a whole heck of a lot of planning ahead of time. This usually provides a "Holiday" image that's probably not the first thing a person might think of when they think, "Happy Holidays". And I can pretty much guarantee that if you do receive this card in the mail, it will truly be the strangest "Holiday" card you do receive this year.

I'm only printing up an edition of approximately 30 this year, if you happen to read this and you're interested in receiving one, let me know. My holiday card address list shrinks every year according to interest, (mine and theirs), so I should have a few extra to pass along.

Below is the first step after drawing the image on to the linoleum. I figure out how many colors I'm going to print and I cut out the first layer to reflect the areas I want represent the papers color, (white), and I leave the areas of linoleum I want to be printed the first actual ink color. This year it's going to be green and black. Can you guess what it might be?

I'll post an image of the first color printed either later tonight or tomorrow, you may be able to figure it out at that point.


the ice chewer said...

This is a great idea to put down the image of the linoleum!!

How is the project with the class children going?

David Berube BerubeArt said...

I still haven't received anything from the kids.
Not sure what the hold-up is.
Kind of disappointed.