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Saturday, December 1, 2007


Last weeks hike in Connecticut was exactly what my body and soul needed and it was a great way to begin my week back in NYC. This week reminded me of why this time of year is both loved and hated in vast amounts. It's the time of year when Holiday installations go in all over the city, showrooms need to be installed for market, and I work 13, 14, 15 hour days and get an insufficient amount of sleep. The flip side is that in turn all of the work affords me the possibility of paying rent and having something extra for the gift giving as well as providing the truly uplifting thought that I just might be able to do some international traveling in the spring.

The pics below are from one of the showrooms I worked on this week.

Stay Warm if you're in the Northern half of the country!!! I think it's finally Winter here in NYC. (Maybe even a little snow tomorrow).

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