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Friday, January 11, 2008

BERUBE-BUGS 2007 COVER (The Beginning)

I've been hand stitching a fold out booklet of all of the Berube-Bugs that I printed up during 2007 and decided that I should make a cover image to be printed on fabric that would eventually be sewn into some sort of a pouch to store the book in. In my ongoing desire to use left-over pieces of linoleum instead of just tossing them out I taped together 3 separate pieces of linoleum and drew an image onto the combined pieces. I was quickly reminded that the older the piece of linoleum, the more likely it is that my carving tool will slide across the linoleum, (because it dries out and becomes more brittle), in addition to carving it. It is with a bandaged thumb that I write this blog entry. Not just one gauging, but 3 different times in one night I stuck myself with the tool. Despite that, I'm forging ahead and intend on finishing this cover piece using the demon linoleum. The pic below is the partially cut out linoleum, and a little Berube dna in the lower left-hand corner.


the ice chewer said...

I love it when you give the behind the scenes of your art!

David Berube BerubeArt said...

Thanks Yuval, er.. I mean, "The Ice Chewer".

There's always a lot more behind a piece of artwork than most people consider.