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Sunday, September 23, 2007

ROBOSanta Holidays

DECEMBER 20 2006

ROBOSanta Holidays

It's almost that time again. I should be able to come up for air any time now. One last Holiday bridge to cross and then I'm free again.

This past 2 weeks has been a not so gentle reminder of why in the past I've just barely celebrated the holidays. The freelancing jobs, Holiday parties, sick dog, gift shopping, gift making, holiday decorating....... has worn me out. The only saving grace is that I've completed my Holiday 06 card/print ahead of schedule. Yeah, there have been years where people have rcv'd them closer to New Years. That's why they're called Holiday Cards, right?

If you're family or a good friend of mine or my roommate Frank's, or you've sent us a holiday card, you'll be receiving one of my prints any day now. I keep hearing back from friends/family that they have quite a collection of prints, as I've been sending them out to some of the same people for 11 years now. Not only Christmas cards, but usually one every halloween and the occasional Valentines Day print as well.

I have a few extra cards from this year and if you happen to read this and send me a little note saying "Hello" and introducing yourself with your home address I'll try to get a card in the mail to you before the New Years.

So, to all of my Friends here at MySpace, here's to a Bigger and Better, Happy and Heathy New Year.


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