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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Because I’ve had so much fun with my “PORTRAIT” mailart call which officially ends on the 22nd of May, (I will continue to send out the remaining portrait cards that are printed up until they are completely gone), having received over 200 replies from 22 countries as far away as Romania, Serbia, Japan, Hungary and Malaysia and 16 states/29 towns within the United States I’ve decided try a new project.

This new mailart call is based around my crazy ongoing linocut print edition of what I call BERUBE-BUGS. If you’ve received any of my PORTRAIT reply postcards, you’ve also received some of the bugs created over this past year. They’re linocut images usually created on a small scale, (it started out over 10 years ago as a way of creating something utilizing the scrap pieces of linoleum I found my desk becoming inundated with after working on larger pieces), and bug-like in the loosest of terms. Some of these guys, and gals have 2 legs others have 15+ legs while some have wings, multiple eyes and the occasional human-like anatomically correct addition. So, although they are officially BERUBE-BUGS, perhaps creatures would be a more appropriate moniker.

What I’m planning on doing for this mailart call is to create a new BERUBE-BUG each month. For all bug-related replies received to my mailart call in any given month, I will return a limited edition hand-printed BERUBE-BUG postcard. Each month a new bug. All of my postcards have been and will be printed on recycled packaging, I suggest and would appreciate it if all participants do the same, think about the wonderful cereal boxes, dog biscuit boxes that go to waste.

So… the details are:

Send your BUG / INSECT / CREATURE related postcards to:

462 West 52nd. Street #3N
New York, N.Y. 10019

Please, be creative, put a little bit of yourself into it whether you’re an artist or not, NO mass-produced postcards or images please. Postcards are preferred, but all creature-related images welcome as well.

All mailart received will be shown on my new BERUBE-BUGS blog.

This BERUBE-BUG, inspired by the time of year that brings, green trees, beautiful flowers, as well as the bugs and creatures that seem to appreciate the warmth and potential that Spring weather has to offer with it’s arrival will be my BERUBE-BUG for the remaining week of May and as the reply card for all cards received to this call for the month of June.

Let’s have fun!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Because I'm so lame lately and haven't done a hell of a lot in the way of creativity, I decided to let you see what my kitchen looks like. It's a 12+ year in progress piece. The funniest thing is, somehow, people will come over to the apartment and not even notice that the entire wall is painted with a gigantic smiling sun and a number of huge creatures. Not sure how they miss it, other than the fact that there's so much to look at in the apartment, it simply becomes just one more thing.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Finally getting back into the swing of things here. I decided to start with a small project and since I haven't done a Berube-Bug in a while and one of my MailArt buddies has a mailart call for Snails, I decided to do this guy. He's somewhat of a cross between a snail and a caterpillar.