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Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm presently working on a fictional "Family Portrait" collaboration with fellow MailArtist comrades, Jennifer Kosharek of Eve-N-Odd Gallery fame and DEWI Johan of MOOP (Museum of Ornamental Posts fame.

The family starts out with a triptych of Mother, Daughter and Son-in-law. Each of the 3 of us are starting out with one of the initial family members and then sending the image on to the next person until all 3 of us have left out mark on the subjects of the triptych.

This is my initial contribution of the Son-in-law.

This is Jennifer Kosharek's contribution of the Daughter (Married to my Son-in-law).

And from the Daughter and Son-in-law comes the rest of the family. Each of the 3 of us get one of the couples offspring, 2 girls and one boy, to further create a "family".

I have the eldest daughter to begin my family. This is her as a young teenager.