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Sunday, August 8, 2010

MIMZY IN REPOSE - Sketch and Inked Lino

Alright, so I haven't posted here in a while. Sorry Mom.
July was mostly a month to forget, August so far is asking for the same treatment.

I actually have done some artwork during my absence. One piece, I have been sworn to secrecy regarding showing the actual finished artwork. I can however let you know that the artwork was created for a seed company named Hudson Valley Seed Library that 2 wonderful guys created on their farm in upstate NY. If you're in our region or know someone in this growing region, you should check out their site. They have a catalog of seeds available including their "Art Packs" which I have been so graciously asked to illustrate the packet for the "Muncher" cucumber variety. Once I'm given the go ahead to promote it, I will be posting my final illustration.

Until then, the newest sketch and inked lino of what I've titled, "Mimzy In Repose". Something she does quite often and like a true professional. I'll post the final print tomorrow when it's dry.