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Monday, January 21, 2008


The reason why I've hesitated on printing this image as long as I have is because I knew it was going to be difficult, (alright, next to impossible), to get the registration to line up with the segmented pieces of linoleum cut the way that they are. Regardless, not one to give up very easily, I thought I would make a go at it. Let's just say, after deciding that the color I had chosen for the second section wasn't working for me, going through the whole process of mixing it, inking the linoleum, printing a test and printing one actual piece on the good paper, I cleaned the linoleum off, got rid of the offending ink and fell back on my favorite printing color, BLACK.

Ironically, the 3 pieces I printed on to fabric, (i'm making pouches for the stitched editions), ended up printing better than the paper prints.

Being a glutton for punishment, I have decided to print up the last section in a 3rd color, yes an actual color, not black, and save a few of the pieces that don't appear to be complete screw ups. I'll tape the 3 pieces of lino back together the way that they were when I cut them out and print it up as a one color print... And smile knowing that I tried.

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