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Thursday, October 25, 2007


I spent the day yesterday setting up for an event in Boston at the Elie Tahari store in Copley Plaza. The event was promoting Peace Games and was sponsored by Vanity Fair but the true highlight of the trip for me was getting to the mall and finding these 2 beautiful found metal sculptures by Deborah Butterfield. I had discovered them the last time I was in Boston but didn't have my camera, so this time around I was armed with my new camera and planned on getting few shots. The 2 pieces here are amazing, (despite the crap visible in the background), but if you want to see even more incredible Deborah Butterfield horse sculptures you should do a google image search. She works in all kinds of materials including cast bronze of horses created from branches that are breathtaking.

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the ice chewer said...

You are traveling so much that we don't hear from you!!!!