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Sunday, September 23, 2007

10+ Years Of Holiday Prints

DECEMBER 10 2006

Every year I create a Holiday card and usually a bunch of gift tags and send these or give them out to friends, family and the occasional co-worker. The slide show below is a culmination of the various cards that I've created over the past 10+ years, starting with the self-portrait from 1995 when I was still living in Boston. The rest of the images were created while living here in NYC and usually reflect my general state of being as well as my knowledge of the printmaking experience. I haven't included the image from 2001, as it was more of a reflection of my mental state after witnessing the horrors of the World Trade Towers attact and is a somber black and white cityscape of NYC and is best left in my flat files.

Peace to you and Happy Holidays whatever your religious spiritual affiliation may be.

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