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Sunday, September 23, 2007

New T-Shirt Design To Benefit The ASPCA

MARCH 13 2007

Hey Everybody-

This thursday the site will be launching the release of the t-shirt I designed to benefit the ASPCA.

It's an amazing promotion where after the group of 70 tees are sold out, a donation is made to the organization of the artists choice. Being the artist and the animal lover that I am, I chose the ASPCA to receive the $1050.00

In addition to that, $70.00 goes to someone in need, that the artist knows within their own community.

A pretty cool deal all around. You get a kickass t-shirt with my Artwork on it and the ASPCA gets help to continue doing the good work that they do helping those that can't always help themselves.

If you've been checking out my work, or you've received any of the multitudes of Holiday cards I've sent out over the years, now would be a great time to show your love and help me out by supporting my work.

Here's the tee below and the site you can go to on thursday, to get yours.

Thanks for your support and love.

David Berube

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