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Monday, September 24, 2007

Heading To Fort Lauderdale Until 9/18


Well, I'm finally getting out of town for a non-work related short break after being in the city all summer. I usually manage to get away during the summer for a trip, but this year it just didn't happen. And anyone who lives in NYC knows that in order to keep your head on straight, get a grip on reality, you need to leave the city every once in a while. (at least I do)

So tomorrow morning I leave for Ft. Lauderdale to hang out with friends that I've known from college, friends that I've made here in the city and with a former roommate from Chicago. The only real thing we have planned is a side trip to the keys, of which I've never been to and have wanted to visit for quite some time. Other than that, there will be a lot of beach, a lot of relaxation and some artwork to be included into my travel journal.

This past couple of weeks has been nothing short of insane. With Fashion Week here in the city, I've had plenty of freelance work, (1 day off), in addition to that I completed the T-shirt project for The Family Stand, (finished it on my 1 day off).

This time of year also marks the changes of season. The nights and mornings get noticably cooler, leaves start to fall off of the trees, (thank god I have a few trees outside my building), the kids go back to school, (I live acroos and down the street from 2 schools, and I have a birthday approaching. Most notably though is the fact that my "A Face A Day" project with see the end of the drawing portion of the project. On September 12, my birthday, I will draw the final image. And then the real fun starts, I get to finish printing the images. I stopped printing somewhere around image number 70-something and with the weather changing, I'm looking forward to having an excuse to refocus some attention on this project.

I've included a couple of pics from one of the projects I worked on this past week. It was my "job" to spend 6 hours each day on a ladder pushing fake flowers into 20 foot columns of boxwood and styrofoam. Technically, I'm not supposed to tell you who the work is for, (confidentiality clause), so just enjoy the pretty pics. The clothing was beautiful, the showroom stunning when finished, and then at 9 a.m. the next morning, promptly dismantled. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.

Have a pleasant week, I know I will.


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