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Monday, September 24, 2007

2 New "Portrait" MailArt Submissions

JUNE 26 2007

I had called home during my trip to Columbus Ohio to check in and of course find out if I had received any more submissions to my "Portrait" MailArt Call. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had in fact gotten another very cool "Camera Obscura" submission from Frip in Belgium. I love these images, once again, hauntingly beautiful. I'd love to see the actual photos some time!!!!

Today as I arrived home and entered my building, I promptly checked the mail and once again I was pleasantly surprised by yet another very cool image from a new submitter. This time Candace Porth from Arizona sent what I believe is a self-portrait with a great quote from Diane Arbus, "A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know".

Thanks again to Frip and Thank You to Candace Porth for the submissions. I'll get new 1-of-a-kind post cards out to you this week!!!

If you're interested in participating in my "Portrait" MailArt Call, here are the details.

On September 12 2006 I started a project titled, "A
Face A Day". I've drawn a face inspired by someone,
something, alive, dead, make believe.... each and
every day since September 12th 2006. These drawings
are created on a small piece of linoleum and then
eventually cut out and printed, to date I have 74
images printed up with the remainder of the images
just waiting to be cut out.

As I print these images I usually print a few extra
onto postcard weight pieces, some make it into the
mail, others sit around my studio waiting for a chance
to take a trip through the postal system.

I've been fascinated with mailart my whole life and
thought this would be a great opportunity to exchange
work with other mail artists.

In keeping with my "A Face A Day" project, I'd like to
exchange postcards with your version of a portrait.
Once again the subject of the portrait is up to your
interpretation of that. Please include the date of
creation along with the image.

End date is May 22 2008, your postcards will be posted
on my MySpace blog as I receive them.

Please include your full address, email address and if
you would like, a link to your site.

I will be sending a 1-of-a-kind postcard of my own to all

Mail to:
462 West 52nd St.
Apt. #3N
NY, NY 10019

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