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Sunday, September 23, 2007

From Sweatshirt and Jacket to T-Shirt to Winter Jacket - It's March!!!

MARCH 3 2007

What a weird day it's been already, and it's only 3:42.

When I got up this morning the sun was shining brightly, it was warm enough in the apartment that the radiators were off and it looked amazing out. So I put on my hoodie and a leather jacket and took the dog out for a walk. The temp was just right and it promised to be a beautiful day if it continued in this fashion.

I came home, made breakfast, checked my mail, MySpace..... aftrwards I grabbed my stuff and headed to the gym. I had a great workout and by the time I left the gym it felt comfortable enough outside to have just a t-shirt on, (I tend to be on the warm side anyways). So I stopped into the health food store, the grocery store and made my way home. By that time Tildon was ready for his afternoon walk and I decided to head out with just my t-shirt on. Again, perfectly comfortable.

I get back in, make some lunch, check my mail again and see that I had an email from my Mom saying that the weather in Ct. had started out really sunny but the dark clouds had rolled in and it wasn't nearly as nice as it was this morning. Well.... that was it, by the time that I headed out to run some errands, pick up some art supplies, the wind was coming in from N.J. and THE DARK CLOUDS were also coming into the airspace above Manhattan. It felt like the temperature had seriously dropped 10 degrees in a matter of 10 minutes. Wearing only my t-shirt and leather jacket I was definitely not dressed properly and had frozen hands by the time I got to the subway.

Eventually I made it back home, made some coffee to warm me up and here I sit looking out at the crazy grey skyline watching all of the underdressed people cross 10th aveune with their hair flying in every direction and their arms crossed in front of their bodies trying to stay warm.

Oh yeah, I just want to personally thank the old lady at Flax art supply store, you are today's "Face". I really appreciate you coming up to the register while I was paying for my purchase with your classic, gorgeous, "Blue Rinse" teased to the high heavens hairdo and asking for a ruler. I'm pretty good with estimating measurements, and I'm sure your hair was definitely 12 maybe 13 inches high, (in all directions). That is why you need a ruler, right? And P.S., the tangerine colored lipstick is a great complimentary color for your blue hair.

Stay warm, layers, layers, layers, it is still March after all!!!

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