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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Response Postcards

JUNE 8 2007

So I've finally finished up the 2 post cards I'm sending out to the first 2 people who sent submissions for my Portrait MailArt Call.

They're printed on posters that musicians promo people post up in the neighborhood that I promptly tear down and cut up into post card sized bits. Hey, otherwise they stay up until the rain hits them and they make a mess on the street. Let's just call it my form of recycling. Besides with one of Sony's recording studios a block away from here, there's never a shortage of posters.

Staying true to the portrait project, the postcards are printed up with one of my "Face" images and then altered appropriately according to my mood and whats within arms reach. These to pieces have acrylic paint added to the printed face image and then some hand-stitching added for extra measure. I hope they make it through the post alright!!!

My apologies, the color of the scans kind of stink and you really can't appreciate the stitching as well as if you had it in front of you. But you get the idea. Plus, I created a cool little print for the back of the post card, but you only get to see it if you participate in the fun and send me a portrait piece yourself.

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