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Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Art For Film .3 of Triadaptation

APRIL 2 2007

If you've been on my friends list for any substantial amount of time, you already know that I've been rather religious about posting bulletins consisting of images from my "Face" project.

You will also have noticed that over the past couple of weeks my visibility in the bulletin postings section has been almost non-existent.

After the "Elephant" T-shirt project with, I threw myself into another project that started well over a couple of years ago. I've been collaborating with my friend Scott Rink from on a trilogy of short dance based films. My input has been across the board including everything from concepting, to prop building to full-on set design. I've had a number of my images used on costuming, actually painted onto floor to ceiling sets as well as animated portions of 2 of the films.

I've been missing in action recently because we're coming to the home stretch on the final film of the trilogy. Actual filming is completed and I understand that the main part of the film is pretty much edited. What I'm working on now are images that are going to be used in the opening credite of the film. The artwork below are some of the images I've been working on, they represent the beginning of the film where a camera scans a far-away cityscape, comes in closer, looks at individual buildings, continues up a street and eventually turns a corner where the camera goes into a set of windows at which point you see the couple sitting on the couch watching a state-sponsered production of Swan Lake. At this point the film transitions into actual filmed footage of a brilliantly choreographed piece by Scott Rink in which the dancers are performing on the set I designed wearing one of a kind hooded masks I also created specifacally created for this dance sequence. One of the images for the mask is currently in my pics section, you can't miss it.

Below is some of the work included in the opening credits.


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