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Sunday, September 23, 2007

SOLD OUT!!! - The T-Shirt, Not Me.

MARCH 19 2007

Well we did it.

It took less than 5 full days, but the guys at, The ASPCA and I sold all 70 limited edition tees with my "Elephant" print on it.

If you happened to one of the people who took the time out to check out the site and buy my design,

A special "Thanks" to my new MySpace friend Arekah whose brilliant posting this morning invariably pushed the t-shirt to the finish line. You can check her page out here: - This is her below.

Keep checking out the site and continue to show your love to the rest of the Artists and the charities their designs are supporting. Say "Hello" to Chris and Josh while your there, they're the guys responsible for making all of this happen.

Now it's on to the next project. I'm finishing up the artwork for the last of the trilogy of short films in collaboration with Scott Rink at

Stay tuned!!!

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